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Bike routes in English for our foreign visitors

donderdag 24 mei, 2012

Fietsen.123 has published a selection of cycle routes designed for our English-speaking audience. Cycle routes for tourists who would like to experience The Netherlands. We've got some routes through the city of Amsterdam as well as some traditional countryside bike routes. Please be aware that all distances are given in kilometers. One Mile is approx. 1.6 km.

Forests of the Lage Vuursche (24,5 km)
This bike tour goes through beautiful forests at "de Lage Vuursche". You may visit Castle Groeneveld. You cycle through the Lage Vuursche and past pancake houses. You will also discover Pluismeer (lake) in the middle of the forest.

Alkmaar surroundings bike route
It is in the town centre of Alkmaar, famous for its cheese market and laden with history from the days when the county of Holland lived through its heyday, where this cycle route begins. You will leave the town alongside the Noordhollands Kanaal, constructed in 1825 to connect Amsterdam with the North Sea. A cycle track through the country side in the Sluispolder will lead you through the artists village of Bergen. First the cyclist is led around the edge of the village towards a 17th century wind mill at the side of the Bergermeerpolder. Later you will cycle through this quaint village where you will pass the ruins of a church which is still beautifully walled in. On a 10 km cycle track, straight through the breathtaking and impressive Noordhollands Dune Reservation area, you will reach the picturesque villages of Bergen aan Zee and Egmond aan the Hoef. 'Breathtaking' should be considered here literally as well, as the cycle track climbs up and down the dunes. Because of this you can also take an alternative route.

Discover Amsterdam, city of bicycles
This cycle tour is designed to show you Amsterdam’s many varied and often surprising aspects. Not only does it take in the historic city centre, it also shows you other neighbourhoods, and demonstrates that Amsterdam is a city with ‘green’ credentials. The text provides information about Amsterdam and the measures that have been taken to make cycling in the city an enjoyable and safe experience.

The Kennemerduin Cycle route (63,2 km)
On this route you will pass the villages of De Zilk and Vogelenzang. Next, the route leads through the estates of Oud Woestduin, Leyduin and Vinkenduin to the wooded area of Aerdenhout. Crossing through the parkland Brouwerskolkpark you will enter the National Park De Kennemerduinen. Through this beautiful nature reservation park you will head for the ruins of the old Brederode Castle. Next on this route you will pass the nature reservation area Duin en Kruidberg. Returning through De Kennemerduinen, passing the Vogelmeer and the Kraansvlak (another nature reservation area), accross the Oude Trambaan, you will cycle on the south boulevard of the seaside resort of Zandvoort. Passing through the Zeereep dunes, this last stretch will bring you back in Noordwijkerhout.

Please be aware that all distances are given in kilometers. One Mile is approx. 1.6 km.

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